Earthscience Organizing Committee

Phil Humphreys

Head of Geography, Wychwood School Oxford.
Wychwood School Oxford.
United Kingdom

Biography: Phil Humphreys has been a Geography Teacher for 26 years, most recentl ReadMore...

Research Interest: Environmental Sciences

Peter Schmitz

"Institute for Hygiene and Public Health University Bonn Germany "
Public Health University Bonn Germany

Biography: Peter Schmitz is a medical doctor, specialised in surgery, tropical me ReadMore...

Research Interest: Infection prevention and Control, Project Cycle Management a ReadMore...

Grace McClain

National Association of County and City Health Officials

Biography: Grace McClain holds a master’s degree in public health systems and p ReadMore...

Research Interest: Environmental Health Regulation and Compliance in Food Safet ReadMore...

Andre Francisco Pilon

International Academy of Science, Health

Biography: Associate Professor, University of São Paulo; Psychologist, State Cou ReadMore...

Research Interest: Public Health & Ecology

Felix Kogan

Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division USA
United Kingdom

Biography: Felix has acted as Principal Investigator of numerous national and int ReadMore...

Research Interest: Remote Sensing, Climate and Weather Impact Assessments, Drou ReadMore...

Frits Agterberg

Geological Survey of Canada (Ottawa)
Utrecht University Netherlands

Biography: is a Dutch-born Canadian mathematical geologist who served at the Geol ReadMore...

Research Interest: Earth and Environmental Science

Marie T. Benner

On Pro
Independent Consultant Germany

Biography: She is a public health expert with 26 years of international experienc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Human Health and Climate Change Public Health

Giorgi Mindiashvili

Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Department of Applied Geology
Tbilisi State University

Biography: Giorgi Mindiashvili is a Professor at Tbilisi State University, Facult ReadMore...

Research Interest: Earth and Geology

Martina Macpherson

Vice President Moody’s MIS Assessments Group (MISA) London

Biography: Martina Macpherson is Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagement & Pa ReadMore...

Research Interest: Earth and Geology

Derek Clements-Croome

Research for the School of Construction Management and Engineering

Biography: Currently Director of Research for the School of Construction Manageme ReadMore...

Research Interest: Research interests include intelligent buildings; design of ReadMore...

Paul Burger

University of Basel

Biography: Born 1956, initially trained as a technician, he studied philosophy an ReadMore...

Research Interest: Among his research interests are theoretical foundations for ReadMore...

Jaroslaw Krzywanski

Associate Professor
Jan Dlugosz University

Biography: Jaroslaw Krzywanski is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mathem ReadMore...

Research Interest: He is interested in modeling of energy devices and processes ReadMore...

Sara E. Alexander

Associate Professor
Baylor University

Biography: As an applied environmental anthropologist, the majority of my researc ReadMore...

Research Interest: My current research centers on human responses to climate an ReadMore...

Paulo Jorge de Campos Favas

University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro

Biography: Paulo J. C. Favas is a Professor at the University of Trás-os-Montes ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research interests range from Biogeochemistry to Environ ReadMore...

Panin Alexander

Senior Lecturer
Military Medical Academy

Biography: Panin Alexander - senior lecturer of the Department of Microbiology of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Global Warming and Climate Disasters

Karel Charvat

Karel Charvat
Czech Center for Science and Society
Czech Republic

Biography: Karel Charvat graduated in theoretical cybernetics. He is a ember of I ReadMore...

Research Interest: Agriculture Food and Environment Science

Yue Tian-Xiang

Professor and Chair
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Biography: Yue Tian-Xiang is a Professor State Key Laboratory of Resources and En ReadMore...

Research Interest: Ecology, Environmental Science, Climate Change

Jaime Senabre

President of SINIF
University of Alicante

Biography: Jaime Senabre (1966). Graduated in Psychology, is currently developing ReadMore...

Research Interest: Wild Fire, Climate Change, Ecology

Lingai Luo

Senior Research Director
National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Biography: Prof. Lingai Luo is the first class research director of French Nation ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her research covers a wide range of topics in thermal, proce ReadMore...

Alan Feest

Senior Research Fellow
University of Bristol

Biography: Since 1989 He has been involved in teaching and organising a range of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Water and Environmental Management

Azime Tezer

Istanbul Technical University

Biography: Azime Tezer works at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Urban and Re ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her researches focus on ecological urban planning policies, ReadMore...

Janet KY Chan

Assistant Professor
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Biography: Currently, Dr. Chan is an Honorary Assistant Professor & a Lecturer at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Chan’s current fields of interest include waste management ReadMore...

M. Angeles Martin-Luengo

The Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid

Biography: M. A. Martin-Luengo graduated in Chemistry (Universidad Autonoma de Ma ReadMore...

Research Interest: She carries out studies on sustainable chemistry, applying t ReadMore...

Miguel Nuno Miranda

National Laboratory of Engineering and Geology

Biography: Miguel Nuno Miranda received the degree in Energetic Engineering(Unive ReadMore...

Research Interest: His main research interests include waste management or valo ReadMore...

Judith Arnolds

South African National Biodiversity Institute
South Africa

Biography: She is researcher at the South African National Biodiversity Institute ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her current fields of interest include climate change effect ReadMore...

Joanes Atela

Senior Research Fellow
African Centre for Technology Studies

Biography: Joanes Atela is currently a Senior Research Fellow and the Head of the ReadMore...

Research Interest: Joanes’ main interest lies in research, and policy analysi ReadMore...