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Day 1 :

  • Earth & Environmental Science

Session Introduction

Giorgi Mindiashvili

Student of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Georgia

Title: Geochemical characteristic of Gudjareti-khachkovi ore field. Adjara-Trialeti zone. Georgia

Giorgi Mindiashvili is a doctoral student at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Department of Applied Geology.  He obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees at the Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Mining Geology, specializing in ore geology and geological mapping.  He is currently working on a dissertation topic entitled – Petrology and Ore localasion factors with in the frame of Gudjareti-Khachkovi ore field. In addition, he is an Assistant Professor at the Georgian Technical University and teaches structural geology and ore resource assessment.



During conducting of exploration numerous samples from ores, altered rocks and metal metric samples from soil-vegetation layers have been collected. All of them have been analyzed by spectral - gold-metric method on gold; have been sent on semiquantative spectral analyses on 20 elements; some of them have been analyzed by fire assay method on gold and silver and by chemical method on copper, zinc and lead. Besides, from the pan-concentrates of crushed ore samples and loose sediments have been obtained electromagnetic fractions which in case of sufficient amount of the material (more than 1 g) have also been analyzed by spectral analyses. From mineralized samples mono-mineral fractions of major sulfides and iron hydroxides have been obtained, which have been submitted for complete spectral semiquantative analysis and atomic-absorption analysis on gold and silver. All this material became the basis for geochemical interpretations. Precious metals in gold-copper-polymetallic occurrences of Gujareti-Khachkov ore field have the closest links with copper mineralization. Statistically calculated correlation ratios of quantities data (fire assay and chemical analyses) for adit10 couples Au-Ag; Au-Cu and Ag-Cu are significantly positive, accordingly – 0.90; 0.68; 0.72.


Phil Humphreys

Head of Geography, Wychwood School Oxford, UK

Title: Approaching the Climate Emergency with School Children

Phil Humphreys has been a Geography Teacher for 26 years, most recently as Head of Department at a Girls School in Oxford. Over that time the content of the subject has evolved into something that has gone from the theoretical, for example Ox – Bow Lakes, to the very real. More and more Geographical content is newsworthy, be it the Migrant Crisis or Brexit. Climate Change however is one of the most real and pressing issues facing us all, but especially our young people today. This is why Phil is passionate about creating the next batch of radical Geographers, students ready to rise up and make a difference.



The climate crisis is a very real and serious issue. Our pupils are faced with it in their daily lives. The media concentrates on the consequences, and as such leaves little time to the solutions. A recent survey of 10,000 young people across 10 countries found that most respondents were concerned about climate change, with nearly 60% saying they felt ‘very worried’ or ‘extremely worried’. Many associated negative emotions with climate change — the most commonly chosen were ‘sad’, ‘afraid’, ‘anxious’, ‘angry’ and ‘powerless’ (see ‘Climate anxiety’). Overall, 45% of participants said their feelings about climate change impacted their daily lives. 1.

Study co-author Caroline Hickman, refers to “a general ‘othering’ of children in society, and children’s voices that threaten the predominant narrative of the most powerful group in society,”

I have done similar research at School, and the answers are similar. I am of the belief however, that if not them, then who? My pupils are very eco aware but do feel lost and confused. It is not only our job to steer them through this confusion but to impower them to make a difference. For, if not them then who?